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Working with a Small Event Site with Samantha of Brooklyn Party Space

In this episode, Samantha Saunders, manager of Brooklyn Party Space, discusses hosting your party at a small, non-hotel event site. Smaller event sites are ideal for smaller parties and they often allow do-it-yourself (DIY) room decor design and food service. Samantha gives tips on how to properly execute your DIY decor on the day of your event, important questions to ask the manager of your small event site and cost cutting techniques that work well at smaller event sites.

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Name: Samantha Saunders
Company: Brooklyn Party Space
Service: Event rental site, 130 person capacity
Location: Brooklyn, New York

Samantha’s Tips:

“My #1 tip if you are going to self decorate is to give yourself enough time. People do not realize how long it takes to transform an entire space. It’s better to have a shorter party and give yourself enough time to set up and be ready for your guests than to be running around with curlers in your hair when your guests start to arrive!”

“Bring enough ice! If you have to provide your own ice, remember that you’ll need ice to not only make the drinks cold but you’ll also need ice to serve with drinks. People always seems to underestimate how much ice they will need for an entire party.”

After the interview, Samantha and I kept on talking:

ACC: In smaller event spaces, people often self cater or order food from a restaurant resulting in the host having to set up the food themselves. What are common mistakes you see clients make regarding their catering?

SS: The most common mistake are that people forget sternos [for the chafing dishes]. I’ve seen it time and again. It’s important to put little details like these on your checklist otherwise you will forget them. This small detail could result in cold food, which can ruin your catering.

ACC: Is there an ideal type of event that works best for a smaller, non-hotel event site such as yours?

SS: Events such as baby showers, birthday parties and wedding anniversaries where the host wants to be a part of the planning process and completely customize the entire event work really well at our venue.

In case you can’t get enough, here is some eye candy of Brooklyn Party Space’s decor work:

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