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Working with a Day-Of Wedding Coordinator

For the couples that are planning their own weddings, we usually recommend that they still hire a day-of coordinator.  From the ice being delivered late to no more handicap parking for your elderly aunt, there are a flurry of details that must be taken care of on the day of your wedding.  These details should not be attended to by someone that is in your bridal party or that is supposed to be a guest.  As a caterer, if there are any day-of concerns, it is always much easier to track down a professional coordinator than a member of the wedding party (who is trying to get dressed) or a guest (who is inevitably late).

As the name suggests, a day-of coordinator coordinates the activities on the actual wedding day.  We generally recommend that you bring in the coordinator a week or two before the event.  You have spent the last 4+ months (at least) planning your wedding and it will take someone more than a few hours to learn and understand everything that you have planned.

With just a week or two before the wedding, time is off the essence for your coordinator to get up-to-speed regarding your wedding.  After you hire the coordinator, begin cc’ing her on all communications with your key vendors and ask them to do the same so she is kept in the loop.  The coordinator should meet your key vendors (by email is fine) and she should attend the final walk through of the space.  During this final walk through, you should go over all the details of the event and inform her of any potential issues or anything that is important to you (for instance, we cannot start the ceremony until my grandmother arrives.  Even if she is 2 hours late, we will wait.).

Did you hire a day-of coordinator?  Share your experience.

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