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Why you need a wedding coordinator even if your sister is very organized.

Whether to hire a wedding coordinator is often one of the first questions a couple must answer when planning their wedding.  It is often answered in the negative when the couple sees the price tag because they start to think “coordinating is not so hard.  Why would I pay someone to do this when I can do it myself?”  Or better yet the couple starts to identify highly organized and efficient people in their lives that would GREAT at keeping all the event details in order (hence, the title of this post).  Unfortunately, good wedding coordinating, much like most jobs, is much more difficult than it looks.  In fact, in our experience, the best coordinators are the ones that didn’t seem needed because everything went smoothly at the wedding.  Before we go on, let us debunk that myth: everything went smoothly because the coordinator and her team took care of all the speed bumps without letting you know.  That’s what a good coordinator does.  They quietly and efficiently put out all the fires so you can enjoy your day.

So, do you need a coordinator?  Maybe.  If you can afford it, a good coordinator will remove a great deal of stress from your life leading up to and even after the event.  As caterers, we always suggest that the couple, at bare minimum, hire a day-of coordinator.  This coordinator should be brought in a week or two before the wedding to meet the vendors and learn the details of exactly how the couple wants the event to be executed.

The fact is that no matter how organized you or your sister are, unless you have planned a wedding before and can devote a substantial amount of time and energy to planning this wedding, consider hiring a coordinator.  If you cannot hire a full time coordinator, definitely hire a day-of coordinator so you and your family can focus on the wedding, and not on the million issues/stresses that are bound to arise on the day-of.

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