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Where to Find Discount Candy Online

Candy buffet bars (or a table full of different candies in pretty jars, as I like to call them) are in style and we love the trend. They are wonderful for weddings or a child’s birthday party, and everything in between.  If you’ve decided to have a candy buffet bar, talk with your caterer about the possibilities. Some caterers will allow you to provide the candy and they will set up the buffet.

Since candy buffet bars are often a fun “extra” many hosts do not want to spend too much on the candy bar. To help you to keep the cost down, we’ve rounded up a few of the best discount candy vendors online. Want to add to the list? Suggest other discount candy vendors in the comments below.

Best Buy Candy

Best Buy Candy offers a wide selection of wrapped and unwrapped candies. They also offer movie theater sized candies and mini candy bars.

Bulke Candy offers a variety of candies at wholesale prices, including wrapped chocolates, gummy candies, jelly candies and jaw breakers.

Candy Crate

If you’re looking for nostalgic candies, start with Candy Crate. You can search for candies by decade. Like other companies, you can also search by brand and color.

Candy Warehouse

The name says it all. You can sort by color and flavor. They offer everything from old favorites, like gum balls, to fun favorites, like gummy cola bottles.

Economy Candy

Economy Candy offers candies, chocolates and old time favorites at a reasonable price. They also offer a selection of dried fruits & nuts and sugar free treats.

Oriental Trading Co.

Oriental Trading Co. has a solid variety of candies. You can find everything from Gummy Chili Pepper Shaped Candies to Bright Orange Swirl Pops.

Royal Candy Company

Royal Candy Company allows you to search their wide stock by brand, color or occasion.

Southwest Candy

If you’re looking for lollipops (single flavored, multi flavored, shaped, you name it), I suggest that you start with Southwest Candy. They offer lots of other candy but they have a solid selection of lollipops and swirl pops.

Temptation Candy

At Temptation Candy (another well-named candy vendor!) you can search by color, brand, flavor or price. They also offer $7.99 flat rate shipping, a huge bonus if you’re placing a big order.

Of course, you should check your local dollar store, grocery store and wholesale warehouse for discount candy.

Happy Shopping!

Photo credit: Gadl

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