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Where should vendors eat their vendor meals?

Whatever you decide to serve as vendor meals, consider having a designated area for your vendors to eat their meal. The location is determined by your tastes and the available space at the event site.

Some of our clients like us to set an extra guest table as the designated vendor meal table. This table is set in the same color scheme as the rest of the guest tables but it does not have the extra touches of the other tables. The centerpiece is simpler, the chairs may not have sashes and there are no favors. The table should be in the back, near a door. The benefit of this option is that the vendors can continue to monitor the event as they eat. That way, if something happens and they need to jump back into their duties, they can easily do so. Also, if you happen to have unexpected guests, you can easily convert the vendor table to a guest table (albeit a dressed down guest table, but it should do the trick).

Other clients prefer that the vendors eat in an area out of site of the guests. In these cases, when we walk through the site with our client, we will identify a location. We always recommend that this area be away from the kitchen or that it is in a low traffic corner of the kitchen. Some sites will even allow you to set a vendor meal table in an unused adjacent room at no extra charge.

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