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Welcome Basket Ideas for Out of Town Guests

When some or all of your guests have traveled into town for your wedding or party, a very thoughtful idea is to send a welcome basket to their hotel. You can either leave the baskets at the front desk to be distributed when your guests check in or you can really impress and hire a delivery service (or a responsible teenager!) to deliver the baskets directly to the guests’ rooms after they have checked in. Your welcome basket can contain anything but here at ACC we love food. Here are a few edible welcome basket ideas:

Candy. Candy is a great addition to a welcome basket because it is small, portable and a little goes a long way. Send candies that are gourmet, hard to find or that are a throwback to your childhood. Order from a candy shop that delivers and offers a wide selection, such as Coco Lu Vu Candy Shop & Party Room.

The city’s specialty. If your city is known for something edible, share it with your guests. This is a great way to get them excited to be visiting your city. For instance, if your party is in the New York area, send a cronut (assuming you can get one!) or a NY Pretzel.

One of your favorite things. This can be anything. Your favorite biscotti, baklava, donut, protein powder…anything! The goal is to make it personal.

Small bites from your party’s menu. Ask your caterer for ideas. There may be something that you are serving at your party that the caterer can package individually. Don’t forget to ask for a discount since you have already purchased a catering contract!

A bottle of wine from a local winery and two plastic glasses. Select a smaller winery or a wine that your guests may not have ever tried. For instance, if your party is in the DC area, Linganore Winery has a delicious selection of fruit wines.

Gourmet coffee beans or teas. If your guests are staying in a hotel with a kitchen, send them tasty coffee beans or teas to brew for breakfast. The free options offered by hotels are not always the best so give them a delicious pick-me-up in the morning.

Bottled water. Even if your guests are not thirsty when they get your welcome basket, they will be at some point during the trip! When they do, they’ll be glad that they don’t have to find a convenience store to buy water. This is a simple idea that goes a long way. Pick up a case from your grocery or wholesale club  or order personalized compostable bottles.

Healthier snacks. The chances are good that there will be a ton of rich, delicious food at your party so your guests may prefer to snack on healthier options at the hotel. Add nuts, dried fruit, fresh fruits or baked snacks to your welcome basket.

Other thoughtful additions to your welcome basket:

  • Travel information for the city. Tip:You can usually get free maps and guides from your city’s tourism office.
  • A printed schedule of events, including full addresses and phone numbers. Tip: print on the same paper as your invitation or coordinate to the colors of your party.
  • A business card from the hotel where the guest is staying (lots of people forget to note the address of their hotel)
  • Health products. The worst thing for an out-of-town guest is to get sick during the trip. Help your guests to stay feeling their best with headache medicine, Emergen-C and Band-Aids.
  • Travel sized versions of items that people often forget at home when they travel such as toothpaste, deodorant and plane socks.
  • A sudoku or crossword puzzle for the plane ride back home.


Photo credit: Contentment Sikher

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