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Wedding Planning 101: The Wedding Checklist

With any type of event planning, it’s useful to be organized.  This is often doubly true when planning a wedding.  For many, their wedding is the biggest, most expensive personal event that they have planned to-date.  Not to mention that emotions are high, the opinions (yours + others) are plentiful and the many decisions that must be made, all generally while the couple are working/going to school full time.

To help you get and to stay organized, we recommend using a wedding checklist. Wedding Wire and The Knot both offer free online wedding checklists. These are general checklists that keep you on track with all the major decisions that must be made.  Your larger vendors will likely provide you with a checklist for their specific aspects of the event.  For instance, your caterer will probably give you a catering checklist which includes deadlines such as their payment schedule and the due date for their final guest count.

Leave a comment and let us know what you think of these checklist and please share any checklists that you’ve found useful.

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