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Wedding Insurance & Insurance Issues for the Newly Married with Eustace Greaves of Traveler’s Insurance

eustace greavesIn this episode, we talk with Eustace Greaves, owner of the The Bridge Insurance Agency and Independent Insurance Agent with Traveler’s Insurance about wedding insurance and other insurance issues newly married couples should consider. With over 31 years in the insurance space, Eustace has a tremendous amount of experience advising and counseling clients on their insurance needs.

Eustace tells us about the Wedding Protector Plan, offered through Traveler’s Insurance, and breaks down the many insurance issues that recently married couples (or people getting married) should consider, such as beneficiary designations and life insurance. If you’re planning a wedding or are recently married, this episode is not to be missed. Proper and enough insurance is one of those things many of us do not think about but we’re glad we have it if the need ever arises!

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Name: Eustace L. Greaves, Jr. LUTCF
Company: The Bridge Insurance Agency and Independent Insurance Agent with Traveler’s Insurance
Service: Insurance agent: In addition to the Wedding Protector Plan, Eustace also helps his clients with the purchase of all personal forms of insurance.
Location: Brooklyn, New York (licensed in New York State)
Phone: 718-783-2722

Eustace’s Documents:
Travelers Insurance Wedding Protector Plan

Eustace’s Tips:

“When picking an insurance agent, relationships still matter. Your agent should not be a website or an automated message. It’s important to talk to a real person to get good advice about the insurance that you need and to build that relationship. After all, this is a relationship you will have for the next 30 plus years.”

“If you and your partner both have insurance, talk to your agents about combining the policies. You can get discounts with multi-policy plans.”

“Provide your partner with important information about whether you’d prefer burial or cremation, the type of service and songs you want sung, military benefits and job benefits information, where you keep important papers, and the like. I give my clients my Letter to My Loved Ones so each partner, and their children, will know much of the important information needed when a loved one dies.” (The form is also available on Eustace’s website.)

Have an insurance question for Eustace? Leave it in the comments below or email him at

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  • Natalie December 23, 2013 at 9:02 am

    When we were planning our wedding, we found that the insurance issues were quite complicated. Our venue required a particular kind of coverage that concerned my husband, because of the liability issues we could have faced. He spent a lot of time going over the documents and communicating with the venue to reach a solution that made all parties feel comfortable.


    • Keita M. December 24, 2013 at 4:39 pm

      That was very wise of your husband. You should definitely read all policies closely to make sure that they cover what you think they cover and to ensure that you’re adequately protected. The last thing you want is to think you have sufficient insurance, only to find out that you didn’t. Thanks for the comment.


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