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The Ideal Event for a Staffing Company

Although our roots are in full service catering, we have always believed that staffing companies add a tremendous amount of value to the event planning profession. For the event planner that is on a budget but wants to maintain a level of guest service at their event, a staffing company can be the perfect solution. When you hire a staffing company, your caterer will prepare the food but the staffing company will set up, serve it and clean it up. There will be very little interaction between the two. In our experience, staffing companies are ideal for events with the following characteristics.

Less than 50 guests

For most events, 50 guests is the general threshold for when an event’s execution gets more complicated. With more than 50 guests, there are more guests and staff moving through the space and the amount of food, tables and service ware grows. The amount of details and moving parts quickly increases. Due to these increases, the caterer’s ability to create proper flow and move service along is crucial. In these cases, you want a caterer that has been working with you, knows what you want, has experience executing detailed plans and has a well oiled staff that is in tuned with the caterer’s service process.

Buffet Service or Stations

Because you must quarterback the event when you hire a staffing company, it’s best to stick with a service style that is easy to maintain and does not need to be perfectly timed in order to be executed well. For this reason, most staffing companies are excellent at keeping the buffet or stations stocked when there are less than 50 guests.

Smaller, less formal event spaces.

Generally speaking, the bigger an event space the more rules it will have. These rules can range from time the service elevator can be used to the exact placement of the full trash bags at the end of the night. When your caterer handles service, they will be responsible for following these rules. When you hire a staffing company, ensuring compliance with these rules will fall to you. Therefore, smaller, less strict event spaces such as a personal home or a community center may be a better choice because there are less rules and less financial penalties if you break the rules.

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