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Spice up your fundraiser menu: No more rubber chicken!

Grilled Chicken, green beans and mashed potatoes. This (or some slight variation) is a meal that we’ve all had at a fundraiser or at an awards dinner. That’s because this is a fairly inexpensive meal to prepare and it’s safe. When planning a meal at a fundraiser or an awards dinner, the temptation is to go middle of the road – get something the majority of the guests will be sure to be comfortable with. The problem with this thinking is that it often places you back in the grilled chicken box. What do you do when you have a limited budget but you want to break out of this grilled chicken box? Shake up your menu.

Don’t get me wrong. I am not suggesting that you do something completely out of the box that would only satisfy a few taste preferences (a mixed crowd is probably not the best time to break out the world’s hottest curry). Instead, I am suggesting that you think creatively but still go safe. So, instead of grilled chicken, ask your caterer to try to a pomegranate baked chicken. Instead of plain string beans, try rosemary roasted grilled vegetables. Talk with your caterer and see what interesting, cost effective alternatives that they offer.

The key is to select foods that are recognizable but to shake up the ingredients. Your effort will be well worth it. People will remember the great food at your event and will want to come back next year (with their checkbooks in hand, hopefully!).

Happy Planning!

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