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Self Catering Tip #1: Event Liability Insurance

Are you cooking your menu yourself? Or is your aunt (you know, the one that makes the best food in town) preparing the food for your party? Event liability insurance is a great idea when you are having an event at a commercial site and the caterer does not provide insurance. This will generally be the case when you self-cater  or you use a non-professional caterer (i.e., that aunt). In these situations, the site must have assurances that if anything happens at the event concerning the food, they will not be liable.

Think of it this way, when you rent a site for your event and you use a professional caterer, the caterer carries insurance. If the event site caters the menu, the site is responsible for ensuring their staff will follow food handling and other procedures.

If you hire an outside professional caterer, the caterer must have proof of insurance and the necessary licenses. Again, so the site can be assured that all rules are being followed and that the caterer, and not the site, will be liable for any of the caterers’ mistakes. In both instances, the site has assurance that proper food handling and other rules will be followed.

So if you are not in either situation most sites will still require some sort of assurances that they will not be liable if anything goes south at your event.  Enter event liability insurance.

Event liability insurance is exactly what it sounds like: it’s insurance for your event. The insurance is generally limited to one day and there are many coverage options. Plus, the coverage is quite affordable. A quick internet search will return a number of event insurance companies. And most companies provide instant quotes that you can purchase immediately.

There are a number of companies providing event liability insurance. Of course, do your research before you buy.

Happy Planning!

Photo credit: David Hilowitz

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