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Rosamond’s 60th Birthday Party in her Garden

In this episode, we talk with Rosamond D. about planning her 60th Birthday party in her garden at her home. Rosamond reveals the reason she did not want to have the party at an event site, the process of selecting a caterer she felt comfortable inviting into her home and the drawbacks to having a party at home. If you’re thinking of having a large party in your home, listen to Rosamond’s advice.

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The Basics

Type of Event: 60th Birthday Party
How many guests: 100
Event location: Maryland
Date of event: June 2007
Meal Served: Dinner
Caterer: Caribbean Caterers
Florist: House of Flowers
DJ: Richard Hunter
Service style(s): Passed Appetizers, Plated Salad, Buffet Dinner
Menu theme: Caribbean inspired
The menu:
-Curried Vegetable Canapes
-Cod Fish Balls served with Tamarind Sauce
-Fresh Fruit Kabobs
Salad Course:
-Mango and Shrimp Salad
Main Course:
-Pan Seared Crab Cakes
-Jerk Chicken
-Pigeon Peas & Rice
-Grilled Vegetables
-Fried Plantain
-Homemade Ice Cream (soursop and coconut)
-Birthday Cake

Rosamond’s Tips & Tricks:

“Do your cocktails, dinner and dancing in different rooms.  That way when your guests are enjoying the cocktails, the caterer is setting the dining room and when the caterer is clearing the dining room, your guests are off dancing in another room. The caterer’s work will be completely out of sight and your guests will not feel rushed.”

“I wanted my guests to stay and dance until the wee hours of the morning. So I hired the DJ for extra time and set out platters of cold after-dinner treats that I bought at the grocery store. My guests appreciated having food to munch on as we danced until 5:30 in the morning.”

Want more? After the tape stopped rolling, Rosamond had a few more things to say:

ACC: Why did you want to hold the party in your home?

RD: Two reasons. One, I really wanted to celebrate in my garden, which I love.  Two, most event sites require parties to end at 1 or 2 in the morning. I did not want to have to stick to a strict schedule and end the party at a particular time.  Most people came late, so dinner started late and then we danced until 5:30 in the morning! I wouldn’t have been able to do that at an event site.

ACC: As you shopped for a caterer, was the fact that the party was to be in your home influence which caterer you selected?

RD: Yes, I was very concerned with finding a caterer that I was confident could work well out of my home.  I do not have a professional catering kitchen like they have at event sites so I was particularly looking for a caterer that could serve a meal for 100 guests out my kitchen all the while keeping the food at the proper temperature.

ACC: You are a serious gardener. How did you select your florist?

RD: My good friend is a florist and she agreed to arrange my flowers for the cost of the actual flowers. So, I went to Tuesday Morning and purchased beautiful crystal vases, all for under $10 each on sale, and she designed the arrangements. The arrangements were beautiful and I still have those vases. I have used them many, many times since.

ACC: You mentioned that you did not hire a party planner. Did anyone help you on the day of the party?

RD: Yes, my daughter interfaced with Caribbean Caterers on the day of the event. If there was a question or a problem, she dealt with it. I’m grateful because I was able to enjoy the party.

ACC: How was working with your caterer on the day of the event?

RD: I gave Caribbean Caterers a list of where everything was and that was it. They came on time, set everything up and the only thing they asked of me was that no one park in the driveway! It was very easy.

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