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Pros of Stocking Your Bar at Your Party or Wedding

If you’re looking for ways to cut costs on your bar, you may be considering stocking your bar. Unlike a traditional catered bar, when you stock your bar you will provide the alcohol, juices and sodas and the caterer will serve your items. Some, but not all, caterers allow you to do this. Stocking your bar can be a great way to keep your bar costs down. But before you head to the liquor store, consider the pros and cons of this decision.

I’ve split the pros and cons of stocking your bar into two articles.  In this post, I discuss the pros of stocking your bar.  Be sure to read the cons before you make your final decision (the cons will be posted soon).


Buying your bar items will usually be cheaper than paying your caterer to provide them. This is often true even if you buy at retail prices. If you pick up your items from the vendor, you will also save on the delivery fee.

Potential for Refunds

Related to keeping your costs down are the potential for refunds. Some vendors allow you to return unopened bottles for a full or partial refund. Think of how good you’ll feel to get unexpected money back after your party!

Variety and Customization

Most caterers have a default bar list (usually the items that you’d find at a local bar) and will charge a premium for any alterations. If you want the basics, this isn’t a problem but if you want to offer anything off the beaten path, stocking your bar allows you to offer exactly what you want at a reasonable cost. This includes top shelf options, flavored items or foreign/craft items. For instance, Rosamond wanted to offer Caribbean rum on her bar so she stocked her bar for her birthday party. Listen to Rosamond’s interview with ACC.

It’s Fun

Planning your bar menu – sampling wines and trying new cocktail recipes – can be a lot of fun. It’s like creating a playlist; you rediscover old favorites and find new loves.


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