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Planning Your Wedding? 4 Tips for the Newly Engaged

You’ve just gotten engaged… congratulations! While love is in the air, the anxiety of planning your wedding can begin to set in if you’re unprepared. There are a ton of small details you will have to hammer out as the planning process continues (napkin rings, dinnerware, parting gifts…you get the gist!), but first thing‘s first: You must agree upon the basics. Here are the four key points to discuss with your fiancé to get the ball rolling on planning your wedding.

1. Set a date. It’s the first step in deciding what theme your wedding will take on. Tropical ceremony on the beach? A frosty winter wedding? This depends on the date, so choose wisely!

2. Plan a budget. According to renowned wedding planner, David Tutera, “A fabulous wedding can be planned with any budget, as long as you keep that dollar figure top of mind.”  You definitely don’t want to dive head first into debt after this magical day, so pick a budget that is comfortable for you and your fiancé. And when in doubt, DIY details always add a fun touch to any wedding.

3. Make your guest list. Once you’ve settled on a budget, this step will be much easier to accomplish. Are you going to have a lavish, large wedding with every person you’ve ever met in attendance? Or, will it be a quieter, more personal affair? Remember, it’s all about who you want to celebrate this special day with, and what your budget can afford you.

4. Pick your location. Because you’ve assuredly already selected your date, you can now pick the location of your choosing. While some couples choose to do a destination wedding, others prefer a locale that all of their loved ones can conveniently get to.

Got any wedding planning tips? Share them with me in the comments section below!

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