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Personalize Your Event with Personalized Party Favors

Personalizing party favors helps to set your party apart from any average affair. While you can’t go wrong with a sophisticated monogram on a number of items, there are a few “sweeter” personalized party favors your guests are sure to rave about. Here are a few of our favorite ways to make your party stand out.

Many candy companies now allow you to personalize the wrapper or design of the candy to fit your event’s theme. We love that M&Ms allows you to upload a photo right onto the candy itself. You can also customize the candy to fit the color scheme of your event so these tasty treats can be spread throughout the room and compliment your other decorations.  

If those bite sized morsels just don’t seem like enough, check out these personalized Hershey chocolate bars. Add a name and date to mark the special occasion and upload a picture so you can have your own customized chocolate bar to give to your guests.

After any meal your guests could always use a refreshing mint. The Knot magazine features delicious customized wintergreen mints in a variety of designs. There are a number of decals or monogrammed letters to choose from to make sure that your mints are a breath of fresh air.

If you’re looking to create a combo of something salty and sweet, we suggest these customized popcorn bags for your guests to take home. While chocolate is a classic treat to hand out to your friends, we are sure no one will mind finding this comfort food in their goody bag!

What types of personalized party favors do you plan on having at your event?

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