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Party Bar Idea #1: Have a Theme

When planning a party that will be the talk of your friends, many people focus on the menu, but they forget about their party bar. People incorrectly assume that the bar is a backdrop to their meal or that all bar menus are basically the same. This is not the case. There are other ways, other than buying the most expensive brands of liquor, beer and wine, to make your bar stand out. One of our favorite party bar ideas is to have a theme.

Themes can reflect the preferences of the host, guests or uniqueness of the party location. For instance, one of our clients loved whiskey. So for his birthday party, his wife decided to serve a whiskey bar along with a few basic sodas and juices. Brilliant! We provided a very wide variety of whiskeys – one bottle of each type.

The party bar theme reflected the guest of honor’s personality and his guests tasted whiskeys they had never heard of, far less tasted, before. To this day, I still remember that party, and I’m sure their guests do too. By selecting a theme for the party bar that was unique and reflected the guest of honor, the party became memorable.

As another example of a party bar theme, a client was planning a networking event for a professional association. The venue she selected was lovely but it only allowed clear liquids on the bar. The client only wanted to serve wine, no hard liquor. So, we invented an entire menu of beverages made from white wine. The attendees loved the beverage options and it sparked conversation, a great thing to happen at a networking event.

So what will your bar theme be for your next party? Share your favorite party bar idea.

Happy planning!

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