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Jessica and Tamir’s Destination Wedding in Las Vegas

Jessica discusses planning a destination wedding in Las Vegas, Nevada. She tells ACC why she opted for a destination wedding, the benefits and drawbacks of a destination wedding and how she managed to have an exceptionally stress free wedding planning process and wedding day.

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The Basics
Type of Event: Wedding
How many guests: 65
Event location: Las Vegas, Nevada
Date of event: September 2009
Meal Served: Dinner
Venue: The Palazzo Hotel
Caterer: Hotel’s in house caterer
Florist: Hotel’s in house florist
DJ: Hotel’s in house DJ
Service style(s): Passed Appetizers, Plated Dinner
Menu theme: None

Jessica’s Tips & Tricks:

“When having a destination wedding, it’s important to pick a reputable venue, caterer, florist and baker. Since you won’t be on the ground to supervise all the details as you would be if you were getting married locally, knowing that your vendors are reputable and have good reviews will give you peace of mind that everything will come together perfectly.”

“Don’t start your marriage off on a stressful note. Remember the purpose of the day.”

“When planning a destination wedding, at a certain point you have to let go and trust that everything will come together. You can’t control every detail. It’s not for everyone so if you can’t do that, reconsider having a destination wedding.”

“If you purchase a package from a hotel, find a way to bring in personal touches. In our case, our good friend recited a poem that she wrote as we walked down the aisle.”

Jessica and I talked for awhile after the interview. Here are some other things she had to say about planning her destination wedding:

ACC: Other than the family connection in Las Vegas, where there other reasons you selected that city?

JP: Yes, [Las] Vegas was fairly affordable to get to from where we lived and it seemed like a fun place to bring everyone together to relax and celebrate. It turned out to be a great place to have a vacation with all of our friends and family.

ACC: In the interview you talked a lot about how you were able to relax during the planning and on the day of your wedding because you turned control over to the hotel’s wedding coordinator. Do you think you would have been this relaxed if your wedding had been local?

JP: Absolutely not. If the wedding had been in New York I would have controlled everything because I know so many people in New York. I would have wanted the vendors that I knew and I would have been involved in every detail.

ACC: Some family members were not able to get to Las Vegas but would have been able to come if you had held the wedding in New York. How did you factor this into your decision to have the wedding in Las Vegas?

JP: This was really hard. Of course we wanted everyone that we loved to be at the wedding. At the end of the day, we realized that you can’t fit everyone you know and love into one day. Some people will not be able to share the day with you. So the more important question is whether they share your life with you. True, they were not at your wedding but are they in your life and have they been a part of your relationship? If so, that might have to be enough.

ACC: Please often associate Las Vegas with shotgun weddings and elopements but you had a fairly formal, traditional wedding. Where you concerned about this association?

JP: It’s funny because whenever people hear that we got married in [Las] Vegas they assume we got married in a chapel dressed up as Rick James and Tina Marie. That would have been fun but we didn’t do that. We had a very traditional wedding in a hotel. Maybe for we’ll get dressed up for our ten year anniversary!

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  • Natalie September 26, 2013 at 9:08 am

    Jessica makes destination weddings sound very attractive, and relatively stress-free!


    • Lucelia March 6, 2015 at 1:05 am

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