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How to Include DIY Flowers in Your Wedding Decor

Flowers are an important part of many wedding receptions but they can cost a pretty penny. If you’re looking to trim your floral budget, try making your flowers. If making all of your flowers sounds intimidating, try mixing DIY flowers in with other purchased arrangements. Paper or fabric flowers are usually the easiest DIY flower projects. Here are some ways to add DIY flowers to your decor, along with links to how-to tutorials:


Bouquets can be expensive, especially if you want to personalize them. So, try making your bouquets!DIY Rustic Bride offers a how-to for making a stunning fabric flower bouquet. Paper flowers also make beautiful bouquets. Carolyn Scott Photography’s paper flower bouquet and Green Wedding Shoes’ giant paper rose bouquet are just two  paper flower bouquet possibilities.


You can go small and make centerpieces for some of your tables, like the escort card table. Or you can take on a bigger DIY project by making arrangements for your entire reception. There are many DIY flower centerpiece tutorials online. If you’re planning on a classic wedding ceremony, Lia Griffith shows how to make a spiral rose centerpiece. For a modern look, Ashley D. Hairston has created a tutorial for making pretty card-stock flowers that would make lovely smaller centerpieces.


Dazzle your guests with an entire wall of flowers! Luckily, you can have this stunning effect without spending your entire floral budget. Lovely Indeed and Megan Hayes both demonstrate how to make a floral backdrop for a photo booth, an idea you can use to decorate a wall at your wedding.

Little Accessories

Don’t forget the little things. Fabric flowers make great hair accessories, pins and boutonnieres for your big day. The Crafty Blog Stalker has collected 20 fabric flower tutorials from around the web.

Do you have a favorite DIY flower tutorial? Please share.

Happy Wedding Planning!

Photo Credit: Kelly Sue

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