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Image Galley: Brooch Bouquet Ideas

If you’re thinking of carrying a brooch bouquet at your wedding, keep thinking along those lines! Brooch bouquets are stunning, functional works of art that can be kept long after your wedding day. One of the most unique aspects of a brooch bouquet is that there isn’t a “standard” look. You can coordinate the bouquet to your style, theme and colors according to the brooches that you select . The bouquets can be traditional, contemporary, vintage, mono-toned, multi-colored and everything in between. If you need some brooch bouquet ideas or if you’re still not convinced that a brooch bouquet is for you, take a look at what others have done with their brooch bouquets. Want more pics (as in, hundreds more)? See the full board on ACC’s Pinterest Page.


Featured photo credit: Tanya Hart

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