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How to Use Inspiration Images

A picture is worth a thousand words.  So true,  especially when the picture is an inspiration image. Inspiration images are pictures that capture a design element that you would love (or wouldn’t love) in your party decor. They are incredibly useful when communicating your vision to your vendors because, sometimes, words are not enough. We all use language differently.  What you consider to be elegant, sophisticated,  laid back or fun may be very different for me, even though we are using the same words.

It’s important that your event planner, caterer and florist, as the people that will be central in pulling together your party’s decor, understand the look and feel you want for your party. That’s where inspiration images can help. Use them to communicate your vision to your vendors. Don’t try to find one picture that exactly captures everything you want your party to look like. That’s not necessary. Instead, look for pictures that have elements that you like. One picture may have a table setting that you love and another may have floral arrangement that would be perfect for your party.

When you meet with your vendors, share the images with them. Tell them exactly what you like and do not like in each image. Then, let them make suggestions of how to bring your desired elements into your party’s decor.

Happy Planning!

Photo credit: Caribbean Caterers

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