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How to serve your favorite dishes at your wedding

Can your wedding menu include your favorite dishes? Absolutely! We love this idea. Your wedding menu should reflect the couple so serving your favorite dishes at your wedding is a brilliant idea. This will add a personal touch to the wedding and really make it “you.” However, you must still consider some of the basic menu creation guidelines so that your menu of your favorite dishes makes sense. These guidelines help to ensure that your wedding guests enjoy your favorite dishes as much as you do.

Consider your service style

If you want to serve your entire menu on passed trays carried by waiters, consider foods that can be eaten in two bites and do not require silver ware. That being said, a good caterer can get really creative with your menu in order to serve exactly what you want. For instance, if you’re having a cocktail reception and have your heart set on serving soup, you can present the soup in shot glasses as “soup shooters.”

If you want to serve a wide variety of tastes and flavors, consider stations or passed appetizers instead of one meal on a buffet or plated.

Consider your guest’s dietary restrictions

Even though you may love beef and eat it at every meal if the majority of your guests are vegetarian you shouldn’t serve beef with every dish. If you do, the majority of your guests will not be able to eat and they will go home hungry.

Consider the time of year

Although it is possible to get most foods all year round certain foods simply taste better when they are in season, especially depending on where you live. In our area, strawberries are best in the summer time so I would not recommend a strawberry salad in the winter.  You can serve it but it won’t be as delicious as you know it can be.

Consider the time of day

Certain foods are associated with certain times of the day. If your favorite dish is fried chicken and french fries but you are having a brunch, your favorite dish wouldn’t be the best choice to serve. Instead, serve chicken & waffles or ask your caterer for ideas.

The bottom line is that you can serve what you love, you just may need to tweak it for your wedding. This is where you caterer comes in. Tell her what you want and see what she can come up with!

Happy Planning!

How have you creatively incorporated your favorite foods into your menu?

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