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How & Where to Search for Decor Inspiration Images

In the past, when a couple wanted to collect inspiration images to help them plan their wedding’s decor, they were limited to the images in the bridal magazines at their local newstand. Today, online picture sharing websites have put hundreds of beautiful wedding reception images at our finger tips. Now, we can digitally search, categorize and share these lovely images.

However, with so many images on the internet, it’s important to search efficiently so you find the types of images that you are looking for. What’s the best way to search for images? Generally, searching by keyword and color is best. Your keyword can be your event type, such as “wedding reception,” “child’s birthday party” or “sweet sixteen.” Your color can be the main color or colors that you would like to use. When searching by color, don’t forget to also search for similar hues because the photo owner may have incorrectly named the color in their photo. For instance, if you’re looking for images with forest green, also search for lilac and emerald green. If you’re looking for images with royal blue, also search for sapphire and steel blue.

Chances are your search will return many images. Spend some time flipping through your search results. However, don’t spend too much time on each image. Certain images will capture your eye (and maybe your heart). Save those images but don’t oversave. Just save the images that grab you.  When talking with your event planner and caterer, show them these pictures as examples of what you like.

Great websites to find inspiration images:

What are your favorite places to find inspiration pictures?

Happy Searching!

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