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Video Tutorial: How to Make a Brooch for a Brooch Bouquet

It’s no secret that I love brooch bouquets. In fact, I’ve written a few ACC articles about brooch bouquets. So, imagine my glee when I came across a jewelry making tutorial on YouTube. Then, it hit me: rather than shopping around for brooches or asking your friends to donate their brooches, why not make some (or all!) of your brooches for your brooch bouquet? For the super-crafty DIY bride, groom or party host, this could be a fun weekend project.

This tutorial walks you through, step-by-step, how to assemble and collage jewelry. The great thing about brooch bouquets is that you need not only use brooches. You can use hair clips, rings and other jewelry. If the jewelry does not have a back, simply hot glue a safety pin to the back so you can fasten the piece into your brooch bouquet. Of course, if you want to use brooches in your bouquet, you can simply apply the tutorial to decorating a brooch instead of a piece of jewelry.



Did you try to make a brooch or other jewelry? Let me know how your pieces came out.

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