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Video: How to Make a Brooch Bouquet Tutorial

Your bouquet will be a very special part of your wedding or quinceanera so wouldn’t it be wonderful to keep it as a memory of the day? Brooch bouquets are timeless keepsakes as well as pieces of art. Instead of flowers, brooches and other jewelry are gathered together to look like blooms. Ask your friends and family to gift a brooch to you in order to add sentimentality to the bouquet. Many florists make brooch bouquets and can even use your brooches. If you love the idea of a brooch bouquet but you want to make it, follow this easy how to make a brooch bouquet tutorial. Don’t forget to share your pics!

Brooch Bouquet Tutorial, Part 1:

Brooch Bouquet Tutorial, Part 2:

(Turn up the volume. The volume is low in this section.)

Brooch Bouquet Tutorial, Part 3:


Looking for ideas? Check out our Brooch Bouquet Image Gallery.

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