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How to Decorate a Folding Chair: Video Tutorial

Wooden folding chairs are a fixture at many exent sites and they are often the standard chairs in your rental package. They are usually used for wedding ceremonies and outdoor events. If your site has wooden folding chairs, you may be stumped by how to decorate these chairs. They are not ugly chairs, per se, but you probably want to dress them up a bit. Chair covers can be expensive and a big bow does not always look good on a folding chair. The possible solution? A lovely small rosette. AllEventsRental offers a video tutorial about how to make a small rosette with a satin chair sash for a folding chair.

When I saw this tutorial on YouTube I immediately knew that I had to share it with the ACC Nation. This is an easy, affodirable solution to how to decorate a folding chair that works well. Take a look:

All credit, praise and gratitude to AllEventsRental for posting this tutorial about how to decorate a folding chair.

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