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How Not to Use Inspiration Images

I love it when I hear about people taking inspiration  images to their event planner or caterer. In fact, last week I wrote a post about how useful I think inspiration images can be. In that post, I made the case that inspiration images allow you to communicate your vision to the professionals planning your event.

Even though inspiration images are extremely useful, I must caution you not to be wedded to your inspiration images. What do I mean? As their name suggests, these images should be used as inspiration and not as a blueprint for your event. Often, people find an inspiration image, fall in love and are convinced that their event must look exactly like the image. Even though something looks amazing in a picture, it may not work in your room, in your lighting environment, in your color or in your budget. For instance, you may love the image of a sun drenched room with white table clothes and sky blue accents but if your room has dark wood paneling and your party is after sun set, white and blue in your room won’t look the same as it does in your inspiration image.

Also, keep in mind that colors often look different (brighter or darker) in a picture than they do in living color. Gillian, of Caribbean Caterers, tells an instructive story of how NOT to use an inspiration image. There are a number of images of Caribbean Caterers’ work hanging in their office. During an appointment with a client, the client said that the yellow linen in one of the pictures was exactly what she wanted. Caribbean Caterers custom designs many of their linens so Gillian was able to show the client the exact yellow linen that was in the image but the client was disappointed. The yellow was much darker than it appeared in the picture. In fact, the client did not believe it was the same linen even though it was not just the same color but it was the exact same linen that was used in the picture!

By all means, please use inspiration images BUT be sure to keep in mind what will and will not work well for your event. Use the images to help others visualize the look that you are imagining but listen to the professionals you have hired. If they express doubt for good reasons, don’t be so wedded to the image that you will not reconsider your vision.

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