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Halloween Cocktails: Vampire Kiss Martini Video Recipe

No Halloween party is complete without a nod to vampires. I’ve been searching for a delicious blood red Halloween Cocktail and I was overjoyed when I found Sugar’s (love her name!) Vampire Kiss Martini recipe.

Sugar’s recipe is fairly simple: three ingredients plus an optional garnish. The ingredients are easy to find and the prep time is short. Take Sugar’s advice and prep the martini glasses beforehand. A frosted glass adds a little special something to a martini.

 Vampire Kiss Martini

Looking for the Ingredients for this Halloween Cocktail?

Pinnacle Vodka’s Original Whipped Vodka is widely available in the U.S. Find a local merchant using Pinnacle Vodka’s Facebook searh app.

If you can’t find vampire fangs at your local party store, you could use plastic spiders instead (though you may need to rename the drink).

Happy Planning.

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