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Halloween Cocktails: The Eyeball Martini: Video Recipe | All Called Catering

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Halloween Cocktails: The Eyeball Martini: Video Recipe

Halloween is almost here and I can just barely contain my excitement.  If you’re thinking of hosting a Halloween party, do it (and send me pictures)! I’m a firm believer in going all out for themed parties. So, because I want you to throw the best Halloween party you’ve ever hosted, I’ve scoured the internet for Halloween party ideas that your guests will die for (no pun intended). I’m going to start this series with Halloween Cocktails for an adult Halloween party because Halloween isn’t (and shoulnd’t be) just for kids!

If you’ve been reading this blog for a little while, it shouldn’t be a surprise that I’m starting this series with Halloween cocktails. I’m a big fan of being very creative with your drinks and desserts because these are your guest’s first and last impressions of your menu. So, if you serve creative and delicious cocktails and desserts, you’re almost guaranteed to knock your guest’s socks off.  Okay, enough talk. Let’s get to the good stuff.

Warning: All of the Halloween cocktails recipes I’ll share with you require beforehand prep. Do your preparations the night before and have everything ready for your bartender at the start of the party.

First recipe on deck: The Dirty Eyeball Martini

The Dirty Eyeball Martini

I absolutely love this cocktail. Dirty Martini + edible eyeballs = the perfect adult Halloween cocktail. Check out how Cheri from The Watering Mouth puts this drink together:

Check back often for the rest of the Halloween series.

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