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Don’t be afraid of a non alcoholic wedding reception

Myth: Having a non alcoholic wedding reception is lame.

Fact: Having a non alcoholic wedding reception is perfectly acceptable and can be cool.

In bygone days, a non alcoholic bar generally indicated that the couple could not afford alcohol.  Couples would scrimp and save for fear that their wedding would be ruined if they could not serve alcohol.  Happily, those days are over.  More couples are opting for non alcoholic bars.  Sometimes, for budgetary reasons or restrictions at the event site, but more often for personal preference (i.e. the couple doesn’t drink so why would they serve alcohol at their wedding?).

But having a non alcoholic wedding reception does not mean that you can have a boring, uninspiring or basic drink list.  Non alcoholic bar doesn’t have to mean basic juices and sodas.  You can jazz up a non alcoholic bar in many ways.

For instance, at Caribbean Caterers, their approach is to build on their core competency: Caribbean cuisine.  So they use a myriad of beautiful tropical juices and flavors in their non alcoholic drinks, such as mango, passion fruit and fresh mint.

So, if you are considering a non alcoholic bar at your wedding, you can present a very unique and interesting bar menu that your guests will love.  Every other wedding has white wine and gin & tonic.  Why not do something different on your bar?

Happy Planning!

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