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DIY Wedding Details: Tips to Personalize Your Special Day

It’s a well-known fact that weddings can cost big bucks. The investment in creating this special day can be overwhelming, but there’s a little trick that’ll sneakily shave off some expense: making some of the wedding details yourself. Do-it-yourself (DIY) elements add instant charm and individuality to your wedding. To leave your mark on your special day, chose DIY wedding details that are important to you and your partner, and that will emphasize that this day reflects you. But a word to the wise: DIY wedding details can be tricky. Be warned that you may need at least some creative ability to attempt these suggestions!

Table Linens: Put on your artistic cap and get painting. Table linens for your wedding can cost a pretty penny, but snagging less expensive material and painting designs on it is a more cost-effective, and fun alternative. Choose paint colors that coordinate with your wedding’s colors, and choose a design that you feel will both complement the reception and be easy enough to paint. Try a gorgeous polka dot pattern, or if you’re feeling more daring, go for a geometric striped pattern.

Centerpieces: Floral arrangements for your reception’s centerpieces don’t have to be overly complicated. Sometimes, less is more! Try some homemade ombre painted vases filled with fresh florals, as suggested by Rustic Wedding Chic. Or, if you’re looking for something different, fill clear vases with different colored flower petals, and place lit candles atop for a dreamy, romantic touch. Interested? Grab inspiration and easy-to-follow steps on creating your floral centerpieces here.

Wedding Invitations: Your invitations are the first glimpse into your wedding, so make them special and make them YOU! Choose a fun, patterned paper and get creative with adornments, like stamps, buttons, ribbons or lace to make your invites really unique. If you’re not feeling confident with your own invitation assembling abilities, specialty “stationary haven” company Wedding Paper Divas gives customers endless options to personalize their wedding invites.

Share more DIY wedding decor tricks with me in the comments section below!

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