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Selecting and Designing Crystal Monogram Cake Toppers with Sari of Toppers with Glitz

Sari WatkinsIn this episode, we talk with Sari of Toppers with Glitz about the many issues that you should consider when designing a monogram cake topper.  She explains how to determine which cake topper size is best for your cake and how to select the colors and the overall look. Sari also talks about how to select a cake topper vendor. Unfortunately, there are many disreputable cake topper companies and Sari gives tips on how to find a reputable one. Before you begin to design your monogram cake topper or select a vendor, take a few minutes to listen to Sari’s invaluable advice.

Toppers with Glitz creates stunning Swarovski crystal monogram cake toppers and they are one of the first crystal monogram cake topper makers. They are also an official Swarovski partner. Their clients include The Knot and Swarovski themselves. Sari has been the lead designer at Toppers with Glitz for over 8 years and has a tremendous amount of passion for her work.

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Name: Sari Watkins
Company: Toppers with Glitz
Service: Swarovski crystal monogram cake toppers
Location: Ships nationwide (United States) and internationally
Phone: 888.299.9639

Sari’s Tips:

“If your wedding or party colors are close in shade, you can use all of those colors in your topper because they will blend well together. But if your colors are not close in shade I always suggest that you select one color for the cake topper. That’s because if you use all the colors in the topper it will be polka dotted and most people do not like that.”

“A money saving trick is to order a smaller topper that can fit on the top of your cake and then fill up the extra space with flowers!”

“Color contrast is extremely important when designing a topper. Most people like a low level of color contrast in the topper and a high level of color contrast between the topper and the cake so the topper pops from the frosting.” Need a visual of what Sari is referring to? Sari pulled these images as examples of low color contrast within the topper and high color contrast between the topper and the cake:

From the podcast:

In the podcast, Sari mentions that when you’re shopping for a monogram cake topper vendor, it’s important to look at close up pictures of their work so you can see the detail and quality of the work. This is an example of the type of picture that the company should be able to show you:

Toppers with Glitz Cake Topper 1     Toppers with Glitz Cake Topper 2     Toppers with Glitz Cake Topper 3






Want a little more from Sari? After we stopped the tape, Sari and I continued to chat. Here’s what she had to say:

ACC: Your toppers all have a magnificent sparkle that comes through even in photos. How do you make them sparkle so much?

SW: We only use the best. We exclusively use Swarovski crystals which are the highest quality crystal available on the market.

ACC: What does it mean to be an “exclusive partner” with Swarovski crystals?

SW: This means that I have been vetted by Swarovski. If you were to call Swarovski and ask for a cake topper company recommendation that uses their crystals, they would refer you to Toppers with Glitz.

Check out Toppers with Glitz’ beautiful work. This is just a sample. See their full Pinterest Board.

Would you like to ask Sari a question about selecting a cake topper vendor or designing a mongram cake topper? Leave it in the comments below or email her at

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