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Creative Ways to Indicate Meal Choice on Escort Cards

If your caterer has asked you to indicate your guest’s meal choice on their escort card, you might be a little worried that doing so will ruin your carefully crafted decor plan for your dining tables. This need not be the case. There are creative ways to indicate meal choice on the escort card that will blend nicely with your decor and colors.

As a side note, you may wonder why the caterer wants the meal choice placed on the escort cards in the first place. Isn’t the list of the number of each entree (how many fish, chicken, etc) all that the caterer should need? No. Indicating the meal choice on the escort cards facilities guest serve.

Back to how to place meal choice on escort cards….

The key is to use a decorative item that looks like it belongs on the escort cards. Here are a few ideas:

Different colored cards – Probably the easiest way to indicate meal choice on your escort cards is to assign a different colored card to each meal choice. StaplesThe PaperMill Store and most other paper stores offer card stock in assorted colors in the same pack. The down side to this plan is that if someone changes their meal choice at the last minute then you must reprint the card. Also, instead of buying a lot of the same paper you will have to buy a little bit of many colors, which might be more expensive, particularly when purchasing specialty paper.

Flowers – Assign a different color or type of flower to each meal choice and place the appropriate flower on each escort card. You can even coordinate the flowers on the escort cards with the types of flowers at your event. DragonflyExpression offers handmade flower escort cards in a multitude of colors.

Self adhesive rhinestones – Rhinestones can be a beautiful embellishment to an escort card. Assign a different rhinestone or a different color to each meal choice. Select a self adhesive rhinestone so you do not have to deal with glue and dry time when creating the escort cards. AllstarcoDreamtime Creations and Etsy offer a variety of self adhesive rhinestones. Tip: do not select stones that are too small (the waiters may not be able to see them from a distance) and do not select stones that look the same in the dark (dark green and dark blue look very similar in a darkened room, for instance).

Stickers – Stickers are no longer just for elementary school art projects. You can buy or design gorgeous stickers for your escort cards. Zazzle and partyINK offer fun stickers or you can get really creative and print pictures on your stickers with Shutterfly or  Snapfish.

Anything that reflects your theme. Think of symbols that reflect your theme and assign each one to each meal choice.

There are so many ways to indicate meal choice on escort cards. These are just a few ideas. I’d love to know how you indicated your meal choice on your escort card. Let me know in the comments below.


Photo credit: Erin & Ben R

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