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A BBQ Menu? A Creative Idea for Your Formal Event | All Called Catering

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A BBQ Menu? A Creative Idea for Your Formal Event

Are you struggling to find menu ideas for a wedding reception or graduation party? Why not be inspired by all the BBQs’ happening this summer? You can have a BBQ-theme for that elegant occasion you’re planning. It is true that BBQs are considered to be informal events with friends and family in the backyard or park. However with a few changes to the classic BBQ menu, you can have a menu with a touch of elegance, but just as much fun as a family BBQ. Here are some cool ideas that I love for a tasty BBQ menu:


There are a variety of classic, summertime drinks to consider for your BBQ-themed party. Lemonade and iced tea have always been favorites for BBQs. I suggest serving Brazilian lemonade or iced hibiscus sweet tea.


The best part of a BBQ is the grilled food. If you are looking for creative options when compared to the standard fare, I suggest serving grilled lamb chops, grilled trout or grilled shrimp and scallop kabobs.


A BBQ menu isn’t complete without savory side dishes. For an alternative to tossed salad, a great idea is to serve delicious grilled vegetable couscous salad. Other side dishes like lemon-herb potatoes and spicy barbecue deviled eggs can be an appetizing addition to any event.


Make sure your party includes fabulous desserts at the end! You could serve vanilla panna cotta with mixed berry compote in beautiful cocktail glasses or green tea ice cream, the Asian spin on an American classic.

Do you have any terrific menu ideas that you want to share? Please comment in the section below. Happy summer party planning!

Photo Credit:  Epimetheus

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