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Create a Signature Cocktail for Your Party

Having an open bar at your party is sure to keep your guests happy. While your guests likely have a  favorite drink, why not offer them something they are not likely to find at their local bar or restaurant? Offering a signature cocktail is one way to make your event stand out from the other beer and wine filled occasions your guests will attend throughout the year.

In order to make a signature cocktail, find a local bartender or mixologist in your area to help you develop a drink made specifically for your special occasion. By combining a few of your favorite flavors, spirits or even colors, you can create a drink of your own! What guest wouldn’t want to try a drink that was specially made for this party?

Don’t forget to create an option for those guests that do not enjoy or drink alcohol. Ask your mixologist to create  a virgin version of  your drink or come up with an alternative drink for those not drinking alcohol. This way all your guests will get a chance to taste the delightful concoction you came up with!

If you need a bit of inspiration check out these great creative cocktails!

Check out signature cocktail ideas that we found on Pinterest or view our full Pinterest Specialty Cocktails Board:

What types of signature cocktails will you create?

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