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Cost Saving Tip for Wedding & Party Bars: Specialty Cocktails

Wedding and party bars can be expensive and planners look for cost savings wherever possible without sacrificing the quality of the bar. A great cost saving tip for wedding and party bars is to serve specialty cocktails, beer and wine only. (As opposed to a full bar of a number of liquors and mixers plus beer and wine.) This has become an affordable and extremely popular wedding and party bar option.

So how do you select your specialty cocktails? There are two options when creating specialty cocktails. One is to use an existing recipe and call it something unique/themed to your event. For instance, if your name is Judy you can rename a vodka and soda “Judy’s Juice.” The second option is to make a new recipe or tweak an existing recipe, and give it a cool name. This may be more work but it can also be more fun!

If you’re not great at mixology you can also consider hiring a professional mixologist. And once you’ve created a short list of top drink choices, you can host a beverage selection party to select the wining beverages.

Don’t forget to include a printed menu on your bar so your guests know what the drink options are and they can be impressed with your creativity.

Looking for cocktail recipe inspiration? Check out these resources

Drink Recipe Apps for Andriod

Drink Recipe Apps for iPhone

If you try any of these apps, let us know what you think. Share your favorite drink recipe resources.

Happy planning!

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