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Cost-Effective Wedding Catering Tricks & Tips

You’ve now ironed out all of the wedding basics, like setting the date, picking your location, and mailing out all of those pesky invitations. Phew. But now, it’s time to dive into the deep end: taking care of the catering for your wedding. The food and drink you choose to serve is a major factor in how you and your guests will remember this special day.

But, let’s get real: high-end food products and alcohol can be extremely expensive and overwhelming on your wedding budget. And not all of us have the means to get married in a French chateau like newlyweds, Halle Berry and Olivier Martinez. (Ugh, we’re so jealous.) Yet, this doesn’t mean you can’t splurge in creative, unique ways for your wedding. Use these tricks to create a lush and cost-effective wedding catering plan.

1. Create a specialty cocktail. Not only does creating a specialty cocktail add a festive touch to your wedding menu, it’s also a super sneaky way of cutting your alcohol costs. By serving just one cocktail, you’re saving money by not serving multiple types of liquor that would have otherwise been a strain on your budget.

2. Family style entrees. Rather than full dinner service, consider serving your wedding meal family style. Not only does the “serve yourself” attitude provide a laid-back, comfortable atmosphere at your wedding, but you’re saving money from the expense of individual plated service for each of your guests. Plus, this way, food options seem endless and exciting as guests are able to peruse the various trays of food.

3. Cake, cake and more cake. The wedding cake is one of the pinnacles of any reception. So, keep it simple! Rather than offering your guests countless dessert choices, keep your wedding cake  as the only dessert option. By eliminating other sweet treat options, you’re keeping your wedding cake as the shining star of dessert hour, while conveniently cutting your food costs.

Got any cost-effective wedding catering tips? Share them below in the comments section!

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