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Welcome to All Called Catering. All Called Catering was created to help people plan their next big event smoothly and with less stress. The goal of this community is to provide support and advice to newbie and veteran planners alike. To this end, comments and feedback from the community are crucial; however, only where those comments are given in the spirit of helping and not hurting someone else. Visitors and users of this community are seeking help in planning an event that is important to them or they hope to inspire and guide others as they plan their important event. Therefore, it is crucial that this community constructively supports its members and honors everyone’s process.

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  • Be honest, authentic and kind, and recognize that reasonable people can disagree.
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These policies are meant to promote the supportive environment of this community. Comments that do not adhere to these policies will be deleted and the commenter maybe blocked from the site. These policies are simple and straight-forward. Therefore, you will not be notified if your comment is deleted or if you are blocked.

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