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Take Your Cheese Plate To The Next Level with Help From

I have been introduced to an incredible resource that I’m excited to share with the cheese lovers in the ACC Nation. It’s called I came across this delectable website completely by accident. My friend (shout out to Sarah K!) and I went to lunch at Cafe Ollin, a fantastic Mexican restaurant in East Harlem, New York. As we ate we were trying to remember the name of the Mexican cheese that was on the nachos. Sarah, being the master internet searcher that she is, whipped out her cell phone and found the answer on Of course, with a name like “”, I had to check out the sight.

Wow! This site is amazing. You can search for cheeses by country, texturemilk or type. Each cheese entry includes a description of the cheese, a picture, where it’s from, its texture and other interesting tidbits. The site lists cheeses that we’ve all heard of plenty that most of us haven’t.

Other than being a cheese lover’s dream, you may be wondering why I’m telling you about Good question. This is a great resource to help you plan your next cheese plate/platter.

When most of us think of cheese plates, we think of the cheese plates we’ve seen at events, on restaurant menus or in the grocery store. Those plates were probably somewhat uninspiring because they offered the standard cheese choices, with maybe one or two more interesting cheeses. I encourage you to take those standard cheese plates to the next level.

There are many instances in which offering something beyond the usual cheeses on your cheese plate is a better option. For instance, let’s say you’re having a wine & cheese cocktail party as fundraiser. You want to keep costs down while pleasing your potential donors. So, offer interesting cheeses that your guests may have never heard of or tasted. This is a great way to avoid the expense of a meal all while keeping your guests happy because they will be busy discovering new cheeses.

Another example is if you are bringing two cultures together at your wedding. A creative way to honor both cultures and to symbolize the joining of the two would be to offer cheeses from both cultures on the same cheese plate.

Or, perhaps you simply want to jazz up your cheese plate because you want every detail of your event to have a “wow” factor. You could mix cheeses of different textures, flavors, colors and countries. Don’t forget to include signs so your guests know what they are eating.

Find the cheeses you want to feature by using and then talk with your caterer about the possibilities  Whether or not you’re a cheese lover, adding appeal to your cheese plate is a great way to make your event unique and even more interesting.

Happy Planning!


Photo credit: Chris Buecheler

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