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The Benefits of Silk Flowers with Rosemary of Daniel Rose Silk Effects

Rosemary PachecoIn this episode, we talk with Rosemary Pacheco the main designer of Daniel Rose Silk Effects and a specialist in silk flower arrangements. Rosemary makes the case that silk flowers can be a better choice than fresh flowers for a wedding or a party and addresses the common stereotype that silk flowers are tacky and cheap looking. Rosemary also shares tips on how to stretch your floral budget and creative ways to bring in non floral elements into your arrangements. If you’re debating whether to use silks at your wedding or party or you want to learn what can be done with silk flowers, this episode is not to be missed.

Daniel Rose’s silk flower creations are works of art. They mix silk flowers with elements from nature and bring in their ability to craft. Their specialties are incorporating crafts into their arrangements, upcycling – repurposing old materials to be used in a new, glamorous way – and water arrangements. Daniel Rose Silk Effects was recently featured in the Florists’ Review Magazine. Check out the article.


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Name: Rosemary Pacheco
Company: Daniel Rose Silk Effects
Service: Silk flower arrangements
Location: New England, USA and ships nationwide (United States) and internationally
Phone: 401.323.2560

Rosemary’s Tips:

“Silk flowers have come a long way from the stigma of being tacky and cheap. The flowers of today are so botanically correct – you cannot tell the difference [from fresh flowers] in many cases, especially with “real touch” silk flowers. AND, you can get any bloom at any time of the year, another significant advantage.”

“Your florist definitely should make suggestions of elements to include in your arrangements and ways to save you money. They should be able to build off of your ideas and create spectacular arrangements that are beyond your expectations.”

“If your budget is tight, don’t be put off by the retail prices of silks that you see in the store. A good silk florists will be able to mix higher end silks with other elements to save you money.”

“Silks can get expensive but you can hand off the bouquets or centerpieces as gifts to your guests and save on favors!”

“Your flowers don’t have to be “typical” or even flowers at all! There is an endless list of elements like rocks, sand, plants, old picture frames, refinished tin cans or candlesticks that can be used to make gorgeous arrangements.”

After we stopped the tape, Rosemary and I continued to chat. Here’s what she had to say:

ACC: You began your floral career in fresh flowers. Why did you switch to working with silk flowers?

RP:  There are so many things that you can do creatively with silks that you cannot do with fresh flowers. We are very crafty so the possibilities with silks made me very excited. I can get really creative and add in elements and textures, such as paper, paints and finishes in way that I could not if I was working with fresh flowers.

ACC: How do you incorporate your years of working with fresh flowers into your work today?

RP: Working with fresh flowers has taught me well. The beauty that occurs naturally in the world is never to be outdone but I use its influence to make the most breathtaking pieces.

ACC: Do you encourage your clients to look for floral images on websites such as Pinterest, Instagram and Flickr and bring them to you?

RP: Yes, absolutely! Before she comes to me, the party host should look at pictures to figure out what she likes and doesn’t like. She should also look at images other than flowers, like pictures of nature, that she likes. More information, not less, is helpful to me.

Check out a sample of Daniel Rose Silk Effects’ work. See more images at their gallery.

Ask Rosemary a question about silk flowers! Leave it in the comments below or email her at

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