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Benefits of Using Silk Flowers at Your Wedding

In many weddings, flowers are a major element of the décor. Some couples will automatically assume that they must choose fresh flowers if they want beauty, elegance and a variety of colors in their floral. However, silk flowers can be a great option for your wedding. While silk flowers have a bad reputation of being tacky and cheap looking, the truth is that silk flowers can look very elegant and realistic. Skeptical? Just scroll down and see what Pinterest users have done with silk flowers.

Also, consider these benefits of using silk flowers at your wedding:


A major advantage of silk flowers is that they are generally less expensive than fresh flowers. There are several floral vendors, including The Brides Bouquet and Blissful Silks, that offer quality silk flowers at a reasonable price. Silk flowers can be even more affordable if you rent, instead of buy them.

Silk Flowers Can Be More Eco-friendly

Speaking of renting silk flowers, renting is also a great way to go green at your wedding. After your wedding, the rented flowers will be returned to the floral provider and the arrangements will be reused for future events. This is a great way to create less waste. There are many vendors, including Daniel Rose Silk Effects and Katsura Designs, that have silk flower rental programs.

Silk Flowers are Durable and Long-Lasting

Unlike fresh flowers, silk flowers are durable and sturdy. They are not prone to withering or falling apart on your wedding day. No worries about the weather effecting your flowers or day-of maintenance. Also, fresh flowers usually last for only a few days after the wedding but silk flowers can be kept as mementos of your special day for years to come.

You can Prepare the Arrangements in Advance

You can purchase silk flowers weeks before your wedding and make the arrangements well in advance of your big celebration. However, if you use fresh flowers, your florist must make the arrangements closer to the wedding day.

I hope you will consider using silk flowers at your wedding. Also remember that you can mix fresh and silk flowers. For instance, your centerpieces could be silk while your bouquet could be fresh.

Do you plan to use silk flowers or fresh flowers? Please share. Happy Wedding Planning!

Photo Credit: City Mama 

Silk Flower Ideas from Pinterest (see ACC’s full Silk Flower board)

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  • Nancy Zychek December 12, 2013 at 7:22 pm

    So beautifull! Definitely worth considering silk flowers for summer occasions. I like the fact they can be arranged ahead of time.


  • Rebecca Williams March 4, 2014 at 3:31 am

    Wonderful wedding decoration ideas! Silk flowers can actually add glance and beautiful appearance to the whole wedding area. Using these flowers with the combination of lily and roses as hanging flower centerpieces can be a great idea. This wedding decoration can be the most romantic and unique style of celebrating and personalizing your wedding. I am also going to get married in next month and I have chosen silk flowers with rustic touch with the combination of lily and roses. All the flowers have been ordered from I hope the idea of using silk rustic flowers with blossoming roses would create a romantic wedding environment.


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