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Benefits of hiring a full service caterer

A full service caterer is generally more costly than a partial service caterer, assuming that the menus are about the same. In situations in which you are planning a large, formal event, such as a 500 person wedding or a gala, the benefits of hiring a professional caterer are self evident. However, what about less large, less formal events? When should you consider hiring a full service caterer, as opposed to hiring a partial caterer or preparing the menu yourself?

Benefits of a full service caterer:

Assistance in planning the menu

A full service caterer will be able to help you craft a menu that is appropriate for your event. Clients call us all the time with menus that will not work for their event. This is usually because the client gets very excited about our menus and pick a little of everything but their choices do not blend well together in a coherent meal. Or they plan a menu and forget to include an entire food group (usually veggies!) or they do not consider their vegetarian/vegan guests.

Set up of the dining space

Do not underestimate the amount of things that you, the party planner, will have to do before the event. This is true no matter what type of event you are having. When you hire a full service caterer, on the day of the event, you do not have to be involved in setting up the dining space. All the details have been planned. Even better, if you have a coordinator/planner he can deal with any last minute emergencies so you can focus on yourself and your guests.

Clean up of the dining space and kitchen

At the end of a party, the last thing anyone wants to do is clean up. A full service caterer will clean up the dining room and kitchen after the event. If your event is in an event space, they will clean up according to the space’s specifications. If the event is in your home, they will pack put the extra food into your fridge, wash the dishes and wipe down the counters.

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