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Alternative Wedding Dessert Ideas

If you are looking to satisfy your guests’ sweet tooth and ‘wow’ them at your wedding, we suggest a variety of desserts  as opposed to wedding cake. This is a great way to satisfy all of those dessert fans in attendance while possibly even saving money. Here’s how: set out a delicious spread with lots of variety and delight your guests with all of their options.  Here are a few treats we love to see at weddings:

Gelato: If you are having an outdoor wedding and are looking for a way to cool down, gelato is your best bet. This delicious creamy treat is sure to please your guests and comes in a variety of flavors to satisfy any taste! Feel free to indulge by adding toppings to this tasty treat! After all you can never have too many sweets….

Cupcakes: Cupcakes seem to be springing up everywhere recently. You can provide a number of flavor options to your guests by choosing cupcakes instead of a wedding cake with only one or two flavors. Show your creativity and add a personal touch by adding an individual design to each cupcake or flavor. 

Pie: If a wedding cake is too traditional for you, try serving a number of pies at your wedding! These fruity pastries topped off with a scoop of ice cream are sure to hit the spot. Natalie and Chris, one of our Party Analysis interviewees, had a pie station, instead of a wedding cake, at their wedding. Listen to their planning story. (Helpful hint: Make sure you let your guests know which pies have nuts in case anyone has allergies!)

Candy: Who doesn’t love a candy table? Personalize this table with the Bride & Groom’s favorite treats. Gather up a few mason jars and fill them up with treats for your guests to nibble on. Edible party favors are always a crowd pleaser so make sure to have individual bags for your guests to fill up to  take home.

Of course, you could really impress your guests by offering ALL of these options in a decadent dessert spread.

What types of desserts do you want featured at your event? Do you have any great wedding dessert ideas?

Looking for more ideas? Check out our Pinterest board about Wedding Dessert Ideas here.




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