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It’s Back! Add a Macaroni and Cheese Bar to Your Menu | All Called Catering

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It’s Back! Add a Macaroni and Cheese Bar to Your Menu

Recently my friend told  me about  a wedding she attended where the bride & groom provided a macaroni and cheese bar on the buffet at dinner. The guests went nuts for this treat! This old favorite was popular a few years ago and it has been popping back up on special event menus. 

The macaroni and cheese bar set up started with a noodle bar where the guests chose either elbow or spiral macaroni. From there the guests moved to cheeses with an array of choices including brie, fresh mozzarella, cheddar, a four cheese blend and feta. After applying the cheese to their noodles they could then choose a number of toppings to finish off their dish. The toppings offered were thick-cut bacon, chives, sour cream, bread crumbs, tomatoes and andouille sausage. 

Comfort foods are always a crowd pleaser. Ask your caterer about incorporating a macaroni and cheese bar into your menu. There are many items that can be included. For instance, in addition to a classic grain pasta, you could also offer gluten-free quinoa pasta or whole wheat pasta. In addition to the cheeses offered at the wedding my friend attended, there are  many more choices such as colby, gruyere, swiss and pecorino or non cow’s milk cheeses such as goat cheese or vegan cheese. Other toppings you could add to your macaroni and cheese bar are roasted garlic, jalapenos, basil, shitake mushrooms, grilled chicken, ground beef, corn, scallions and marinated tofu.

Your guests will love a macaroni and cheese bar. This idea can easily be incorporated into any event. A macaroni and cheese bar can work as a station at a cocktail party or as part of a main course course.

What toppings would you include in your Macaroni and Cheese Bar?

Photo credit: Edson Hong

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