Welcome to All Called Catering. We’ve carved out a little corner of the internet to provide advice to anyone planning a catered event: weddings, birthday parties, anniversary parties, fundraisers…you name it. Whether you’re a Newbie planner or you’ve planned many events, planning can be stressful. By the day of your event, you might be so sick of planning the event that you just want it to be over (it happens all the time!). Our goal is to provide information and to answer questions in order to relieve some of the planning stress. In the Ask Gillian section, Gillian answers your questions regarding all things catering. Gillian is the Sales Director of Caribbean Caterers, the founding organization of All Called Catering. In the Party Analysis section you can listen to real people discuss the ups and downs of planning the catering portion of their event. There are also a ton of pictures and tips. In the Catering Counsel section we interview caterers and event professionals from around the country that will give you the inside track on working with that type of professional. And, finally, the By Event section is our library of articles about practically every aspect of catering.

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All Called Catering was born at a staff meeting of Caribbean Caterers, a Washington, D.C. based catering company, in Winter of 2012. Due to being in the business for more than twenty-fve years, we recognized that we had a tremendous amount of knowledge. The original idea was to launch a Caribbean Caterers’ blog but the idea quickly grew to what you see today.

What we believe

  • No two events should be exactly the same. Your event should reflect you.
  • Every party planner, regardless of budget, should be able to customize their party so it reflects their tastes. We encourage our community to ask their caterer to go beyond rigid packages and allow them to customize their event in some way.
  • No more rubber chicken! We reject boring, tasteless food that doesn’t have personality or doesn’t reflect anything about the host/guest of honor/occasion.
  • The food and décor are ALWAYS important. Regardless of the purpose of the event, what you feed your guests and how you present the menu matters.

This Community

All Called Catering is an online community of planners, professionals and people that love learning about parties, food and décor. Everyone visits in order to learn from and to support each other. We believe in supporting every person’s vision for their event and helping them to achieve it.

Thanks for stopping by.

Happy Planning.